We are a Seattle youth girls lacrosse club focused on skill development, fostering sportsmanship and promoting a love for the game.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about lacrosse and the Queen Anne Quick Styx.


Q. Who are the Queen Anne Quick Styx?

A. The Queen Anne Quick Styx (QAQS) was established in 2002 to provide youth girls in the Queen Anne, Magnolia and surrounding neighborhoods with the opportunity to learn and play the sport of lacrosse. 


Q. Is Queen Anne Quick Styx affiliated with the Seattle School District or City of Seattle Parks Department?
No. Although the QAQS uses the City of Seattle parks facilities for games and practices as well as identifying with the Seattle School District boundaries, QAQS has no direct affliation with either.


Q. How many teams play for QAQS?
QAQS has teams for grade levels 1-2, 3 / 4, 5 / 6, and 7 / 8.  Each year is different depending on demand for teams at each grade level.


Q. Who can play for QAQS?
 Youth girls. Players must reside in the Seattle School district boundary West of I-5. 


Q. When does the lacrosse season start?
The lacrosse season runs from late February to early June, with league games beginning in March.  Practices for youth teams grades 5-8 are normally 2 weekday nights. Practices for grades 1-4 are one weekday night. 


Q. Where does QAQS practice and play their games?
The Quick Styx's home game field is the Queen Anne Bowl.  Practices are held for grades 1-4 at the Queen Anne Bowl, and for grades 5-8 at Lower Woodland, and periodically at Interbay.


Q. What teams do the Quick Styx compete against?
The Quick Styx competes against teams from much of the greater Seattle and Puget Sound area as part of the Washington Youth Girls Lacrosse Association - www.waglax.org


Q. How much does it cost to register to play on a Queen Anne Quick Styx team?
Fees vary by grade level because of the amount of practice time and games. The fees are described in the registration form. Click the Register link on the left hand side to see more.


Q. Are any additional fees required besides the membership registration fee.
Yes, players must have a current US Lacrosse Membership number and need to purchase individual equipment.  


Q. Are Registration Fees refundable if daughter decides not to play this season?
Yes, if it turns out your daughter decides not to play Lacrosse this season, a refund of your registration fees can be requested by contacting the club registrar. The refund policy is as follows: Full refund minus $25 admin fee if you cancel prior to start of practices. 50% refund if you cancel after the first practice and before the first game. After the first games no refunds will be granted. 


Q. How much does the equipment cost and what is required?
All players need to obtain equipment as required by WSLA. For girls, this includes a girl's lacrosse stick, lacrosse googles, cleats, and colored mouth guard- cost approx. $100 - $150.


Q. What are the membership registration fees used to pay for?
Membership Registration fees cover the operational expenses of the Queen Anne Quick Styx including our coaching director salary, player (non-parent) coaches salaries, league dues, field rental expenses, referee fees, preseason and post season jamborees and game equipment (goalie gear, goals, first aid, timer supplies).  QuickStyx is not for profit, and we do everything we can to keep fees as low as possible.


Q. The QAQS website has a section that asks for donations. I already paid my registration fee why should I donate additional money?
Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the State of Washington and across the entire country. As our club grows, the cost of fielding teams increases every year. League fees, field rental, referee fees, equipment and insurance continue to rise. Your donation will go far towards helping to keep the costs down for our kids, ensure more participation by those who otherwise could not afford to play, and ensuring that lacrosse as the “Fastest game on 2 feet,” continues to thrive in our area.


Q. If I donate money to the Queen Anne Quick Styx club is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. The Queen Anne Quick Styx are registered with the Washington State Secretary of State's office as a Nonprofit Charitable organization, and is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.


Q. If we can’t afford the registration fee, what are our options?
If registration and equipment costs are preventing your daughter from joining the Queen Anne Quick Styx, we offer deferred payments for the registration fee between November until the start of the season (February) with payments by check. If possible, Queen Anne Quick Styx will provide membership scholarships (partial) for families who are in financial need. Equipment can often be borrowed from other players or bought second hand. Please contact club director for more information. There is a scholarship application on the registration page.


Q. Who can I contact for additional information?
Please see the contact information page.